Week 2 - Receiving & Celebrating Abundance

Welcome to Week 2! 

I am so glad you are showing up for yourself and getting the most out of this course that you possibly can! Be sure to tune into the Facebook page on a regular basis as well to see live videos and more information as it comes in to be relayed to the group. 

I know for sure this is a HUGE step into learning how the flow of abundance truly works and a LEAP toward aligning with the abundance flow. It is truly living an abundant life and stepping into that, that I am so passionate about guiding you toward! It is NOT just knowing the universal laws intellectually but truly feeling the feeling and vibration of abundance within and THEN living it every single day! 

I am so grateful you are here!


day 8 - I am joyful for all the abundance in my life and the abundance coming into my life now!"

day 9 - I live in a abundant universe with inifnite resources. 

day 10 - the energy and vibration of unconditional love is directly correlated to all the abundance of the universe. 

day 11 - I am committed to movement, motion and output of energy in order for energy/money to come in from unexpected sources. 

Day 12 - "I am a vibrational match for abundance."

day 13 - your why behind abundance

"I am creating abundance In my life in order to...."