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June 21st - 24th


Lincoln City, OR.


Come explore the beautiful Oregon coast and fully step into YOUR LIGHT! Join us for a weekend at the beach with nature hikes and workshops designed to help empower you to step into a life of high vibration, amplified spiritual connection and living your dharma!

Over the weekend, spiritual coach and healer, Shannon Sondrol, will be guiding a series of workshops and meditations which will help you begin to understand the world in terms of energy and vibration. You will learn tools and techniques that can be used to clear your energy field, open the chakra system (the energy centers of the body) and raise your baseline energetic frequency to a higher vibration. Focus will be placed on re-connecting with your heart and soul. Mindfulness techniques and daily action steps will help you learn how to maintain a high vibrational state and stronger connection to your intuition.

After this weekend you will leave with a better understanding of how experiencing a higher level of energy and vibration on a daily basis can lead to a life with more passion, more excitement, more life force energy and overall a stronger connection to your heart and soul.