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This is what you are feeling called to do at this time. This may take many different forms over one's lifetime. This can be a personal mission &/or global mission. If you do not have the answer, put your hand over your heart, take a deep breath and ask within, "what is my mission at this time?" Write down anything that comes to you even if it does not make sense at this time.
(1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest)
Why did you join this program at this time? Why are you committed to stepping FULLY up and out into the world as a spiritual warrior and warrior of the light? Describe the feeling you get when you think about living a life doing work you are SO passionate about that is in full alignment with your calling and soul's mission here as well as waking up every morning full of energy, vitality, gratitude, love and being of service here in the world. How would that change life for you and your family?
Intentions are things you are intending to happen in your life. Setting intentions for the year is a powerful way to create energy and momentum to allow those things to manifest into your life. Consider intentions for these areas: financial, personal intentions for your spiritual journey (spiritual growth, learning, higher consciousness, etc) , family/friend/romantic relationships & partnerships, work/career/business, travel/adventure, physical health, emotional health, community/service based intentions, social engagements & interactions.