The Power of Healing Workshop - St. Paul Park, MN

The Power of Healing Workshop - St. Paul Park, MN


In this workshop you will be guided through meditations and techniques to help you connect with your inner healing capabilities. By learning the basics of spiritual healing and energy, you will begin to understand how to move pain, stress and tension out of the physical and emotional body. You will understand that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves as long as we are guided on the “how to” of this process by learning specific tools and techniques.

During this workshop you will also be guided through a group healing exercise which will allow you to experience your own inner healing. After this workshop you will be able to incorporate daily action steps to facilitate your own healing process as well as hold space for others who may also need your support in their own healing journey.

I look forward to empowering you as you being to understand how spiritual and energy healing truly works!

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