The Heart of Awakening - Littleton, CO - March 13, 2019

The Heart of Awakening - Littleton, CO - March 13, 2019


Are you feeling like there is a shift happening within you? Are you ready to lean into what is calling you? Do you feel like you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening or already have? Are you ready to experience all the magic of a 6th sensory journey?

Join us for this powerful evening and be surrounded by others who are experiencing this too. Many people are awakening at this time and experiencing a much stronger connection. At time this can be very confusing and sometimes chaotic. We can no loner deny this awakening OR our gifts.

I will share my journey of awakening as well as provide useful tools and techniques that I’ve found most effective in embracing the awakening process rather than delaying it, denying it or shutting it down.

Through this evening together you will start seeing your awakening as a huge blessing and turning point. The Divine is calling you. Are you listening?

Please bring your journals and arrive on time.

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