I am holding a group session this coming Wednesday evening at 6:30PT/7:30pm MT/8:30pm CT for 10 people total. This will be done over zoom video call.

This session will be working with the subconscious and clearing one block for everyone present.

Which means that everyone will have several blocks cleared as what is cleared for one clears for the whole group.

Everyone will bring one situation either that they are aware of or something thats been showing up in dreams etc. or if need be we will explore a bit together what may be in your subconscious as to what has been showing up in your reality lately.

This is NOT talk therapy or coaching. This is revealing the subconscious block and allowing it to be cleared with high frequency energy until it is no longer present. Sometimes this will present as emotion being released, sometimes it will be the body wanting to move twitch etc as it’s released and the vibration is integrated.

That will be the first hour.

We will open with a quick guided meditation to get centered and present.

The last 20 mins or so will be Q&A.

As you may know I attended the 4 day conference recently and was atuned to this higher energy and frequency on Saturday evening as Panache was channeling these almost instantaneous clearings/healings/ignitions.

That being said if you are ready to clear on a subconscious level things that may be holding you back blocking you etc and are ready to atune to a higher frequency and vibration then this session is for you!

It feels to me like a huge ascension boost and ability to access and hold 5D and higher vibration more than ever before.

I am so excited for this next step in ascension for ALL of us! Many Blessings.

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