2018 Oregon Workshop June 21st

2018 Oregon Workshop June 21st


In this workshop you will be guided through meditations and techniques to help you connect to the spiritual realm in a deeper and more powerful way. By opening this connection, you will experience greater communication from your guides, angels and the Divine as well as your higher self. You will experience greater intuition and insight as well as connection to your heart and soul. 

You will begin to understand the language of the Divine and the many ways in which our angels, guides and our loved ones on the other side communicate with us. You will learn about Omens, the individual language in which God speaks directly to us) and the signs and messages here that are guiding each of us toward our destiny.

You will learn tools and techniques to incorporate in your daily life to open your connection and keep it amplified! 

I  look forward to guiding you through an experience to deepen your spiritual connection! 

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