Abundance Course + Daily Guided Meditations - 6 weeks

Abundance Course + Daily Guided Meditations - 6 weeks


In this online abundance course, you will be guided through a 28 day experience that will help you tap into abundance in ALL areas of your life. I will help you tap into mindfulness and opening up to receiving abundance. We will cover the power and process of intention, manifestation, the co-creation process, unexpected income tracking and the spiritual practice of tithing!

This program will allow you to take an active role in creating anything you desire into your experience here! Shifting out of the limited belief that “life just happens to you” and begin to truly understand and experience how you create your reality here and be excited to realize your true potential as a powerful creator here!!!

There are 28 guided audio recordings to step through and you will have access to this course for 6 weeks.

I am so excited to have you join us on this FUN, dynamic, powerful journey of creating abundance into your life!

The daily meditations consist of 10-12 mins of channeled messages and guided deep breathing exercises, followed by 2-3 mins of reiki healing music for quiet reflection time. 

The topics I will be guiding you through include: abundance, surrender, chakra opening, energetic clearing, releasing fear based thought patterns and limited belief systems, life purpose and mission, forgiveness, amplifying your spiritual connection, heart and soul based communication and more!

This 6 week guided meditation series will allow you to experience a deeper spiritual connection and deep inner peace. 


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