28 Day High Vibe Living Immersion

28 Day High Vibe Living Immersion


This 28 day program is designed to help launch you in to high vibrational living! Throughout this course, you will begin to understand the world in terms of energy and vibration. We will dive into strengthening your intuition and internal guidance system by incorporating daily guided messages and teachings as well as learning energetic clearing and chakra opening tools and techniques.

There are 4 modules for this program:

Module 1 - Energy & Vibration

Module 2 - Tools and Techniques

Module 3 - IGS (Internal Guidance System)

Module 4 - Stepping into Action

The topics covered in these modules will include: energy clearing techniques, daily spiritual practice, energetic protection tools and techniques, breath work, rewiring limited belief systems and negative thought patterns, mindfulness tools and techniques, creating your reality, intention setting and the manifestation process, how to use crystals, stones and oils, stepping into action and launching your highest life possible! 

If you are ready to show up for yourself, up-level your life and step in to high vibrational living on a daily basis, then this is the course for you!