I am SO glad you are here and have considered attending this powerful, sacred retreat with us. This retreat is for YOU if you are looking to completely disconnect from the outside world. You are in a spiritual awakening or ascension process. You are seeking a deeper spiritual connection and stronger connection to your heart and soul. You are experiencing an elevated state of reality, higher consciousness and would like to expand and upelvel by being in an energetic vortex. You are ready, willing and committed to doing inner work and open to the possibilities of what may occur for you during this retreat and allowing that to unfold. You are exploring your path, your next steps in your journey and what would best serve you at this time. You have situations or experiences from your past that keep coming up but you’re not sure how to move through that on your own and would like a safe, sacred space to do so. You are looking for support and guidance on moving through inner healing and allowing that to happen in a sacred space together. You want a TIME OUT from your routine and a place to rest, rejuvenate with plenty of alone time to do what best serves you. You are ready to connect with other like minded women and come together in a higher consciousness community. We would love for you to join us on this 3 day sacred retreat! There are only 6 spots available so please make your decision ASAP. Click the link below to begin your registration process.

You can also message me directly with any questions that you may have at this time by click the “Contact Shannon” button at the bottom of this page.

With Love & Many Blessings,



Meet Shannon, Spiritual Teacher/Healer and host of the retreat.

Shannon has been on a spiritual journey since 2008 when she went through a spiritual emergence and discovered her clairvoyant abilities as well as her powerful connection to the Divine. She is here at this time as a teacher, messenger and guide to help others navigate through their own spiritual awakening process. She is currently teaching and guiding women to awaken the divine feminine within and move fully into the work they are here to do at this time. She is very passionate about embracing the spiritual warrior energy to create a tribe of women on a mission to bring healing, LIGHT and the Divine Feminine out into the world.


Meet Christina Morris, Spiritual Healer & co-host of the retreat.

Christina has a true gift at being able to hold sacred space to allowing healing, deeper connection and grounding to occur. As an energy and spiritual healer, she has a powerful connection to the Divine and this authentic wisdom radiates out as a pure channel. She will be available for 1-1 sessions during the retreat as well if you choose to add that on to your experience. Shannon & Christina have been collaborating over the last year together spreading their work, wisdom and knowledge around the Denver area and are very exciting to be teaming up to offer you the best experience possible in Sedona.

What is expected of each of us as participants?

**To show up and BE present. Being who we are is our gift to each other and each one of us plays an integral role in bringing their presence to this sacred space.

**To let others know what we need. This retreat is for YOU and it is YOUR time to discover more of who you truly are. In order to respect one another’s individual needs during this time together, we must be clear at voicing what we need. Also, NOT taking anything personal when someone voices their needs to you. For example, if you are sharing a room with someone and they need quiet within the room and ask for that, then please respect and honor their request by refraining from talking in your shared space.

**To speak our truth and BE willing to share what’s in our heart. By speaking our truth from the heart without blame or judgment, we are creating a safe, sacred space for all to share openly. Our experiences and perspective is unique and valuable just as is that of everyone else. We are ALL different and at different phases of this journey. Our differences are a gift and is what will make this retreat such a powerful dynamic!

**To pay attention. Being attentive and aware to what has meaning for each of us, the messages that stand out, the aha moments guiding us to the next step upon our life’s path.

**To be open to outcome. Come with a clear intention and be open to the outcome being different than what you expected, without being attached to a certain experience “happening” during the retreat.

**To respect other people’s privacy and confidentiality. To keep what is shared in our group circles confidential, not sharing others people’s stories outside of the group unless they have given you direct permission to do so. This creates the safe, sacred space to be willing to share our experiences and our journey with one another.

What can you expect during this retreat?

**Greater Clarity. By completely disconnecting from the outside world, from your friends and your family during this time, you can access your internal voice in a powerful way. This is the voice that never leads us astray and we must get quiet to hear it fully.

**The time to Reflect & Slow down. An opportunity to slow down and reflect upon your life in a spacious way.

**BEING one with the rhythm of Life. The experience of being connected to the larger rhythms of this earth, of nature, of the Universe in a powerful, energetic vortex that is Sedona.

**Deeper Connection & Awareness. Through guided meditations and sacred ceremonies, you may begin to experience a deeper connection to your heart and soul as well as a stronger connection to the Divine and Spiritual Realm.

**Being Grounded. Grounding techniques are used to help you stay in the present moment. By reorienting to the here and now, you will be able to get the most from this sacred time together. We will give you tools that will assist you in staying grounded when you are not with the group and out on your own during the open times.

**Sense of Inner Peace and Surrender. An experience to help you feel deep, inner peace by being removed from the demands of daily life and the noise and chaos of society. Time together in circle to guide you through the process of surrendering control to Divine guidance, to a higher calling on your life and making peace with what IS at the present time in your life.


When: Thursday April 25 - 4:00pm until Sunday April 28 - 3:00pm.

Where: Private VRBO Home outside of Sedona, AZ in the heart of the Red Rocks and walking distance to hiking trails. You can check out the details of the home we will be staying in here:

What’s included in the retreat: Your stay in a 4 bedroom, 4 bath home so we are all gathered in the same sacred space. 3 full days in Sedona, AZ, an energetic vortex. Energetic exchange with your hosts Shannon and Christina. All food and meals once you get to the retreat home. Transportation from Phoenix to Sedona IF your flight arrives by 1pm on Thursday April 25 and leaves after 7pm on Sunday April 28. Message me for more info on exact time of shuttle from Phoenix to Sedona if you are in need of that service.