below is information for tools i have found most effective to use with this work. 

there is also a contact list of additional healers and coaches that I refer to. I highly recommend their work and expertise.


Information on Crystals, Stones and Oils

 I highly recommend using these tools and techniques on a daily basis. 



additional Healers and Spiritual Coaches



At the age of 4, I remember dreaming of my family whom I had never met or saw pictures of. I would wake up and tell my mom about me flying with my great grandma and I would describe her from head to toe and would say she was my guardian angel. My dreams and intuition have followed me my entire life.
I have always suffered from severe anxiety and had many moments of depression. In 2009, I saw a Journey Healer where I discovered I was an Empath. Most of my anxiety and depression was not mine but others feelings. It explained why I could not handle large group settings or go places on my own without a loved one or trusting friend at my side.  It felt so good to finally have an explanation for ailments that meds and counseling could not fix.
This began my journey into Metaphysics where I have spent years with an Energy Healer who guided me through healing myself and a spiritual coach who has taught me how to use my gifts to help others safely and sacredly. Our physical & mental health is literally in our control. 
Our minds are made up of two parts, the Conscious and the Subconscious and Once you step into this world and truly believe that the One who made us is the One who can heal us and move forward with this open mind, the sky is the limit on what you can create for your own well-being.

-Christina Morris, Energy Healer & Spiritual Coach - Littleton, CO