I'm Shannon, a Spiritual Teacher and Coach as well as an Energy Healer specializing in work with Empaths and Highly Sensitive People. I have walked my own journey as an Empath and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and I want to share what I've learned along the way with all of you!

At the age of 28, I had the intense experience of spiritual emergence which presented itself initially as a mental health crisis. It was a very intense experience which sent me into extreme fear and panic. I experienced 4 days of really intense communication from the non physical realm and it felt as if I woke up in a completely different reality. I could not make sense of what was happening but I did know that the many voices I heard, other people were not hearing. I now know, after years of my own reflection and spiritual healing, that my clairvoyance and connection to the non physical had opened very suddenly. Along with hearing voices, I was also seeing dark spirits and entities and at the time I did not understand this new reality at all. I don't know how to emphasize just how terrifying that experience was during those first days of trying to make sense of what I was hearing and what I was seeing. On day 4, I experienced a full blown panic attack brought on by extreme fear and very little sleep. After being taken to the ER and telling the doctor there just a fraction of what I was experiencing, I was admitted into the psychiatric ward at the U of MN hospital. After a few days of heavy doses of medication, my connection to the other realm completely shut down. At the time, this seemed like a huge blessing because the communication and voices I  was hearing completely stopped. I was in the hospital for 10 full days and was released with 5 different medications including 2 to help me sleep at night. During the next month, due to being highly sensitive and being on several strong anti-psychotic medications, I became competely numb to all feeling and emotions. For the next 6 months, I continued taking the medications on a daily basis which sent me into a period of deep depression. At the time, I felt my only option was to obey the doctor's orders, stay heavily medicated and follow their protocol for this type of experience. 

My personal healing journey began 6 months later, at the age of 29, when my chiropractor pulled me aside after a treatment and told me that he could see I was losing much of my life force. He explained it was because of the medication I was taking and that he remembered my energy and life force before this experience and could see that it was now fading fast. He urged me to dictate my own path and said that he would help me ween off the medications if I was ready to do so. I was so ready! He truly was an earth angel for me, helping to guide me during this difficult time. I got off all the medications I was on within a month and a few months later was introduced to the healing power of touch during my massage therapy training. Over the course of the next 6 years, I was on what I now call a "spiritual healing journey". I didn't know it at the time, but I was beginning to receive nudges from the spiritual realm and I was beginning to follow them without question. This was the beginning of my clairvoyance reopening after being completely shut down from the medications. During this time, I also turned to holistic medicine. I worked with a gifted naturopath doctor, befriended a passionate spiritual coach and found a spiritual community that spoke divine truth that resonated so deeply within me. Their support led me to develop my natural healing gifts including energy healing and the ability to gracefully strengthen my connection to the spiritual realm. I want to highlight that when the connection reopened, it occurred very slowly at first and it was no longer a frightening experience, but more of a curious exploration. It was now received as clear knowing (claircognizant), clear feeling (clairsentience), as well as insights and intuition that were clearly from the spiritual realm guiding me along this new found path. My healing journey took place over the course of the next 6 years with a lot of time and energy dedicated to spiritual growth and teachings. I know now that the personal healing journey I embarked on, truly allowed me to move from a place of disempowerment and inner struggle to full empowerment and deep inner peace.

The work is not done, however. I am currently on a endeavor to get the information and knowledge that I gained along my healing journey as well as my personal experience of crisis out to others, so that I may offer support and help them understand what they are going through. I am incorporating everything I've learned from my own spiritual healing journey as well the training I've received, to teach classes and offer one-on-one spiritual coaching. I am very passionate about helping others uncover the spiritual truth of a mental health crisis as well as the hidden gifts behind high sensitivity. There is much to do here as I move forward in getting this information and knowledge out to the people who need it. I now clearly see the possibility of making an impact here and empowering people to dictate their own path and reclaim their power and truth!

With Love,                                                  



My Training

Aveda Institute Minneapolis - Massage Therapy Certificate

CranioSacral Therapy I & II - The Upledger Institute

Reiki I & II - Stephanie Ball

Mind/Body/Spirit Practitioner Training - Sunlight Alliance/Sunny Dawn Johnston

LCA (Love/Courage/Achievement) Retreat & 7-Week Course - Randy Ferguson

LCA Team Leader Training & Retreat - Randy Ferguson

Anita Moorjani Workshop - Mile Hi Church

I Can Do It! Denver 3-Day Retreat - Hay House

Ordained Minister - Universal Life Church

Beyond Limits - Mile Hi Church

5-Week Meditation Course- Mile Hi Church

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - Mile Hi Church

The Art and Power of Effective Prayer - Mile Hi Church

Self Mastery Course - Mile Hi Church

The Wisdom of Money - Mile Hi Church