Module 1

Energy & Vibration 

Welcome to Module 1!

I am so glad you are showing up for yourself and getting the most out of this program that you possibly can! 

The modules for this program are intended to be more experiential learning rather than written curriculum style.

 Every morning you will receive a guided message in your email inbox. During the 7 days of Module 1, it is highly recommended that you do the daily messages for spiritual practice as well as one of the guided audio techniques below. You get to choose which recorded audio technique feels right for you for that day. I do strongly encourage you to start your day with either the guided message for that day OR one of the audio recordings below and end your day with the other.

Choose 1 audio recording per day to work through during Module 1. You will do each recording at least 2 times during this module.

Also, it is extremely helpful to print off the worksheet at the beginning of this module and fill it out as you go throughout your week. Then submit it at the end of the week (see worksheet link below). Remember, the more effort you put in to this worksheet the more I will be able to support you and guide you in your personalized weekly intuitive messages. 

You are doing great work here! 


guided audio recordings for module 1


video module 1