Module 3

Amplified Spiritual Connection

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Welcome to Module 3!

I am so glad you are showing up for yourself and getting the most out of this program that you possibly can! 

This module is intended to be experiential learning as well as embracing new concepts.

 Every morning you will receive a guided warrior workout as well as a guided meditation in your email inbox. It is highly recommended to do both of these right away in the morning to set your foundation for the day. 

Also, please submit your worksheet at the end of the week at least 2 hours before our next group coaching session. Thank you! 

Enjoy this week of amplifying your spiritual connection and receiving clear communication from your soul tribe, your guides, angels, God (omens) as well as messengers here in the physical world. This is an incredible journey to embrace and we are so blessed to experience this communication and higher spiritual wisdom. 



Set the intention every morning to watch for omens and to receive the signs that are guiding you to your destiny. 

"Omens are the individual language in which God talks to you. My omens are not your omens. They are this strange, but very individual language that guides you toward your destiny. They are not logical. They talk to your heart directly. The only way you can learn any language is by making mistakes. I made my mistakes, but then I started to connect with the signs that guide me. That silent voice of God that leads me to the places where I should be." - Paulo Coelho

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