Module 4    

Stepping into Action

Welcome to Module 4!

I am so glad you are continuing to show up for yourself every day and getting the most out of this program that you possibly can! 

This module is all about stepping into guided, inspired action.  

During this module, you will continue to receive the guided messages every morning. These messages will focus on incorporating daily actions steps as well as strengthening your intuition and clairvoyance abilities.  During the 7 days of Module 4, it is highly recommended that you continue to do the guided messages on a daily basis. There are also 3 audio recordings and a video in this module. 

It is recommended to come back to these recordings during the 7 days as you see fit to gain a deeper understanding of opening up to hearing guided, inspired messages. It would also be beneficial to continue to incorporate the audio recordings from Module 1, Module 2 & Module 3 as needed to clear your energy, protect your field, open your chakras, implement breath work and to continue to tune into your internal guidance system. 

Also, it is extremely helpful to print off the worksheet at the beginning of this module and fill it out as you go throughout your week. Then submit it at the end of the week (see worksheet link below). Remember, the more effort you put in to this worksheet, the more I will be able to support you and guide you in your personalized weekly intuitive messages. 

You are doing great work here! 


Guided audio recordings for module 4 





video for module 4