Module 2 

Releasing and Moving Through Fear 


Welcome to Module 2!

I am so glad you are showing up for yourself and getting the most out of this program that you possibly can! 

This module is intended to be experiential learning as well as embracing new concepts.

 Every morning you will receive a guided warrior workout as well as a guided meditation in your email inbox. It is highly recommended to do both of these right away in the morning to set your foundation for the day. 

Also, please submit your worksheet at the end of the week at least 2 hours before our next group coaching session. Thank you! 

Enjoy this process of learning and understand that FEAR is an experience that the EGO has developed and that when we allow the EGO to have a quieter, calmer voice in our life, our SPIRIT becomes the dominate voice and fear begins to dissipate! 


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