Module 1 

Rock Solid Foundation

Welcome to Module 1!

I am so glad you are showing up for yourself and getting the most out of this program that you possibly can! 

This module is intended to be experiential learning as well as embracing new concepts.

 Every morning you will receive a guided warrior workout as well as a guided meditation in your email inbox. It is highly recommended to do both of these right away in the morning to set your foundation for the day. 

Also, please submit your worksheet at the end of the week at least 2 hours before our next group coaching session. Thank you! 

Enjoy this experience of creating a stronger rock solid foundation on which to LAUNCH! 


"the warrior knows that without inspiration and experience no amount of training will help."


intro to warrior audio recording


establishing a rock solid foundation through:


daily action steps



THe power of intention




Pick 3 short notes from the warrior of the light book to share with the group on the next call. These are the ones that spoke directly to you this week. Please take the message you received and tell us what that means in your own words and how we can incorporate that wisdom into our lives at this time.