Freedom for our Soul

Happy Independence Day weekend! 

As we celebrate and enjoy the festivities of this holiday and the independence of our country, it is also time to celebrate and honor the independence of self and the freedom that lies within each and every one of us. The road to freedom for our soul lies in rising above the lower dimensional realities. It lies in the ascension and in the awakening process. Freedom for our soul truly is an inside job.

I truly believe that this is the lifetime in which we can obtain freedom for our soul IF we are willing to do the work required to get us there. True freedom lies in rising above the reality of the 3D world, rising above the fear, the anger, the jealousy, the insecurity, the pain, the struggle of the lower dimensions. It is freedom from anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, the "monkey mind" and freedom from overanalyzing everything that is occurring in our lives OR trying to control it all. The ways of BEING that keep us stuck, keep us in struggle and keep us in a low vibrational reality. 

It is our time to break FREE!

SO How do we get there? One of the biggest areas of awareness I believe is knowing that we have choices and that we truly create our reality every single day. There are a million different realities going on here and you get to choose which one you live in. You get to choose through every decision you make, whether you are empowering yourself toward inner freedom or giving your power away or allowing something outside of you to have power over you. AND knowing that you have the strength to rise above the patterning that is keeping you stuck. 

Freedom for our soul lies in releasing anything and ALL things that have power over us or that we give our power away to.

When we give our power away or allow something outside of us to power over us, we feel as if there is no other choice or option than what we are currently experiencing. We may feel helpless, out of control, inner struggle and turmoil. BUT when we are conscious of every single choice we make, aware of the energy we allow to come into our life, aware of the deeply rooted patterns that keep presenting themselves over and over, we can take a moment to take a breath and make the choice that truly aligns with soul freedom. Freedom lies in the choices that are in alignment with our soul, with our highest self AND in breaking free from anything that we are giving our power away to. Breaking free from addiction of any kind, free from generational patterning, free from unhealthy habits, free from limited belief systems and obsessive thinking is absolutely possible and rising above is possible for every one of us. 

I want to share 5 steps with you that I've found most useful for rising above lower vibrations and into true freedom within. 

1) MOVEMENT right away in the morning - Movement and sweating allows us to detox our body, focuses our mind and sets our momentum for the day. It also raises our vibration and truly lifts our energy. 

2) Morning spiritual practice to create mindfulness and awareness - Meditation, prayer, reading spiritual text, journaling, mantras and affirmations are all forms of spiritual practice. This allows us to get in tune with our heart, our spirit and our soul and sets the intention for our day. 

3) High quality nutrition - In order to gain clarity and release the fog or cloud over us, we must release foods that make us feel heavy and any substance of low vibration that we are putting in our body. By putting high quality nutrition into our bodies, we are providing it with the nutrients it needs to work effectively. In return, we feel stronger, clearer, higher vibration and we have the energy we need to do the work we are here to do every single day. 

4) Dedication and Consistency - I know that waking up and remembering, reviewing our WHY, our vision and our mission for what we are creating here and our part in contributing to the collective, allows us to see the higher perspective and our responsibility and accountability to SHOW UP in every single aspect of our day. When we consistently begin to hold a higher vibration and release things that are holding us back, over time we experience a much different reality than the one we were previously living.

REMEMBER every single day we get to choose and create our experience for that day.  

5) REMEMBERING who you truly ARE, your true essence - As a powerful spiritual being here having a physical experience, you have the energy of the cosmos, of the Universe, of GOD, of source within you. AND SO many times we forget where we truly come from and who we truly are. You were born with greatness within and it is time to remember and reveal that truth.

You have everything you need within you and as soon as you eliminate the deficiencies from your life, you will begin to RISE and be an exemplar for what is truly possible here. 

We all need the reminders, the support, the guidance to assist us in our rise. TO RISE above the lower vibrations that are surrounding us and move into a life of true freedom within and for our soul.

The reason I know this is possible IS..... I'm currently experiencing this right now at this present time in my life MORE and in a GREATER WAY than I ever have before!


Because I've been showing UP in more of my TRUE expression and FULL potential than ever before. AND I know that from this point, we just keep RISING AS LONG AS we keep showing UP! 

TO help assist you in your RISE and in the remembering of your true essence, I'm holding a guided "I AM" meditation journey this coming Thursday evening here in Scottsdale, AZ. THIS event will also be LIVESTREAMED for those of you living elsewhere so that you can join us from wherever you are via zoom video call. 


As we close, I want to acknowledge how far you have come thus far in your journey here. IT IS incredible reflecting back to know how much has shifted, the healing that has occurred, the higher vibration the planet is holding and the possibilities that exist within the ascension and awakening process. We are all experiencing the new heightened energies that are flooding into this planet at this time and we can truly use those higher energies to launch us forward in a quicker, more dynamic way than ever before! YES it may be uncomfortable and feel like a HUGE jolt/shift/LEAP but what I've realized is that comfort is highly overrated! That comfort keeps us playing small, keeps us stagnant, keeps us stuck, keeps us spinning and I know for sure IT IS TIME FOR MORE.

Onward my friends. 

With Love & Many Blessings, 


Shannon Sondrol