What I've recently learned after experiencing a deep loss....

Happy Friday Beautiful Soul!!! 

I'm sending so much Love and Light to you this morning, right here, right now in this moment as you are reading this. Can you feel it? Take a moment to take a few deep breaths, to allow this Divine Love energy to surround you and just breathe that in. JUST BE for a moment. 

I wanted to share with you that I've recently experienced a painful loss in my life. 12 days ago, my best friend of 15 years, my true soulmate and deep kindred spirit, passed away. As many of you may know, my dog Sadie has been my partner in this life for many years. For many of these years, it was just the two of us adventuring, traveling, exploring and sharing this deep bond that many people may not fully understand. BUT for those of you who have experienced an incredibly deep soul connection with your animals and pets, then you do know what I'm talking about. Having Sadie by my side made EVERYTHING good in this world. She was/is my protector, my guardian, my partner, my child, my unconditional love, my soul mate AND my GREATEST love in this life SO FAR. WHEW! That's ALOT!!!

I truly feel there are no words that could describe this connection I've had with her the last 15 years nor are there words to describe the deep sense of loss I feel right now. AND I also am reminded of the truth that she is still here, walking right along side of me as usual. We know there is no separation between the other side and this physical world reality but in the times of loss here, no longer being able to physical see or touch them, it can be challenging to remember that truth and fully embrace it. 

I wanted to share a few things that I've learned in the last few weeks around the process of death, grief and loss. 

1) THE LOVE NEVER ENDS. I've had numerous messages from Sadie including a dream in which she came to me. As usual, she stood by my side solidly pressed up against my legs and in that dream I felt the same sense of her protection and support as always. It was/is extremely comforting and I can still feel that when I reflect back and bring her energy and love into my field. I also woke up with a black Sadie hair on my face the first 3 mornings after she passed. This is exactly how they communicate to let us know they are with us. Souls never die and many walk right along side of us still for the remainder of our time here. 

2) BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF. In times of loss, heartbreak, overwhelming stress, emotional distress, and pain, we MUST be willing to take a time out. To take the time to just BE and allow this process to occur. RATHER than "getting on with it" OR throwing ourselves back into our work OR back into the busy-ness of life. This process of grief and healing and at times overwhelming sadness is VERY REAL. In order to move through it, we must be willing to feel it at the deepest level possible and we can't do that when we are constantly "do-ing do-ing do-ing" and distracting or numbing ourselves. We must be willing to slow down and allow the process of healing to begin. AND we must be willing to BE GENTLE with ourselves and surrender into what best supports this process moment by moment. AND YES sometimes that is crawling back into bed in the afternoon, curling up with your dogs blanket and having a sob session. Do you KNOW how healing a good cry is?? Tears are a powerful release of emotions SO DON'T HOLD THEM BACK.... EVER.

3) OTHER PEOPLE MEAN WELL AND OFFER THE BEST SUPPORT THEY CAN. Our loved ones want to know we are doing OK during our painful times. They probably won't fully understand what you are experiencing unless they are there with you or have been there themselves, BUT the words and support they offer are absolutely coming from a place of LOVE. EVEN IF it doesn't feel like it at times, or their words don't make you feel any better, just know they are doing the best they can as well to support you in your process. AND make sure you let them know what you need for support. Some people will be able to hold space for your emotions, for your pain, for your process that feels extremely loving and supportive and others won't be able to. They are still great people they are just NOT YOUR PEOPLE RIGHT NOW during this time. You may feel the energy of other people's thoughts and words implying to "just get on with it" and only you get to decide what your process will look like. ONLY YOU get to decide the energy you want surrounding you at this time. 

4) You CAN ALLOW your heart to expand during times of pain and loss. Our heart center is where we process and store our emotions. It is our center of love and the ability to have deep connection within and with others. IF our heart is closed or guarded, we can not feel things as deeply and many times we feel disconnected from ourselves and from others. In moments of pain, loss, heartbreak, trauma and/or abuse, our hearts centers close as a very real mechanism to protect ourselves. IT IS very useful for that to happen in the moment. HOWEVER, many times our hearts remain closed and guarded for weeks, months, years after a painful experience. THAT DOES NOT SERVE US WELL as it leads to walls forming around our heart, lack of emotional connection, feeling shut down or closed off from ourselves and from others as well as a numbing of life experiences. We are also unable to FULLY experience, on a deep level, all the JOY, BLISS, LOVE, PASSION this life has to offer if we are living with a guarded heart.

BUT WAIT! We can do something about IT.

We CAN reopen our heart centers and reclaim the Power of the Heart!

In order to reopen the heart, we must make a conscious effort to do so and allow ourselves to process through our pain, our loss, our hurt rather than running from it. There are heart opening exercises that I teach that are extremely effective to energetically reopen the heart chakra. As well as powerful processes we can do with our partners and others to experience deeper connection and awareness. If we are mindful and aware, we may notice that we feel closed off or guarded in times of intimacy or when we are connecting with others. It's the awareness that our hearts may close during those times if we are still processing pain or living in fear of getting close to someone again due to past hurt. In that moment, we can choose to reopen and expand our heart instead. TO breathe into our heart center, place our hand over our heart and send energy to allow expansion to occur. AND to be willing to create safe spaces for one another to have these processes and to process painful situations and powerful emotions as they arise. 

With that being said, I have recently been channeled a new workshop to teach; "The Awakening of the Heart".


I am so excited to be stepping out to teach this! I know how important this heart opening and expansion work is at this time so we all can LIVE the GREATEST EXPRESSION OF LOVE AND LIFE POSSIBLE HERE.

I am also available for 1-1 heart opening and expansion sessions over video call at this time. Please reach out to me if you want more information on that or to schedule a consult call or session with me. 

As we close, I want to thank you from the bottom of my ever expanding heart for your love and support during this time. I know for sure Sadie is now a powerful guide for me as I've been experiencing even stronger clairvoyance with her assistance and guidance from the other side. What an incredible journey we are on!!! 

"Goodbyes are only for those with love in their eyes, because for those who love with heart and soul there is no separation." -Rumi

With Love & Many Blessings, 

Shannon & Sadie

Shannon Sondrol