4 am wake up calls

This is a personal encounter from January 2017 of the way divine guidance works. 

For awhile now, for months, possibly even the last couple of years, I have been receiving early morning wake up calls. I am nudged awake some mornings between 3-4am with very clear intuitive messages & insights. Sometimes the message is to pray, sometimes it is to send angels to a certain person, to send light out to the world or particular situation, to get up & write, it really just depends on what is coming in at the time. And most of the time I listen! 

(I will admit every now & then when it’s not clear that someone is in need of angels or a prayer, instead of getting up to do some work or write, I roll over & go back to sleep. Yes, at times I do disregard the nudges and I will acknowledge that information is lost in that process of not getting up to write.)

But this particular morning, it was different. I was nudged awake at 4am & it was a VERY, strong nudge. There was no rolling over & going back to sleep on this particular morning.  And, the message was so clear: “Start a Meetup Group.” (for those not aware, Meet Up is an online social network where people post events, classes, group functions, business marketing, outdoor activity groups, happy hours, etc & many people use it to find out what’s going on within a certain city, social networks, etc.) 

As I reflect back now, I know this was an answer to my question, “How am I to reach the people who need to hear my story & who want to learn what I’ve learned along my journey?”

Without even being conscious of what I was doing, still half asleep, I walked out to my desk, jumped on my computer, got on the meet up site, & got to work. It was very clear that this was NOT my idea and definitely divine guidance directing me every step of the way. Even as I was typing on my computer, everything just flowed, there were no hesitations or questions about what to type. The title “Meetup for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People” was very clear as well as all the information regarding the group and what my first lecture & class would be. 

I look back now thinking “damn that was good!! I wrote that?!” 

This was a very clear encounter of allowing something much greater than me to flow through and get this project up & running! 

The whole process of setting it all up took less than one hour. And before I knew it, I was back in bed sound asleep. When I woke up a few hours later, I vaguely remembered doing it. 

That brings us to the following afternoon, 30 hours after posting the group to Meetup, I was at the gym, on a weight machine, and suddenly the message comes flooding in “remember that meet up group you set up yesterday, well you should check it…” 

And so very excitedly I jumped online to check the group, and here’s what I saw…. 

55 people had joined my group in just over 24 hours, & 12 of 15 spots for my lecture that Thursday evening were full! 

WHAT?! Are you serious?! I was in awe as I looked at everyone that had joined, read a few comments, and I was so incredibly excited that people really did want the information I had to offer. 

As I was marveling at what I knew was clear, divine orchestration unfolding, an older gentleman walked by and remarked “doesn’t look like you’re getting much done on that machine…” 

I flashed him a big smile, a wink, & replied “I guess I got distracted didn’t I?” 

But in those moments, nothing else mattered as I was soaking in just exactly how this all happened. 

That Thursday night all 15 people showed up to my lecture & 5 people were still on the wait list. 

I still get goosebumps when I remember this story, as it is such a clear example of what divine guidance looks like & what happens we when follow that & show up!