Current Situations-Gaining Clarity

Hello! I want to address what I’ve been hearing from clients & friends this week on some of the things they have been & are struggling with as I know many others are as well. We are all one & so many times during the course of a week I hear the same thing over & over from different people. People are experiencing the same struggles & currently here’s what I’m hearing:


  1. How do we maintain a high vibration (peace, joy, love, happiness, in the flow/in the vortex) while we are surrounded by low vibration (hate, anger, sadness, alcohol, drugs, limited thinking, etc) or in a society where there is so much distraction & low vibrational things causing us to be distracted here?

Well my friends, this one I have not fully conquered yet! However, let me tell you what I’ve learned. It is absolutely crucial to surround yourself with high vibrational people & activities; such as nature walks/hikes, being around in/water, being around people who inspire you & are also taking great leaps of faith & moving forward in their own life, high quality nutrition &/or supplements (first thing in the morning), spiritual reading/audio to remind you of the divine truth that exists, daily spiritual practice (prayer, guided meditation, journaling) to stay connected & tapped into Spirit & also to be connected to your own soul & Spirit. Also, another important piece, is pulling away from the external world, taking time daily to be alone & to go within, getting quiet, and putting your focus on what your mission is here in this lifetime. What is your soul urging you to do? 

Another important piece for me, is reading my “why” every morning. This is the piece I wrote to myself about why I’m committed to my projects/classes/books etc & why I am dedicated to creating change in my life. I also read through the things I am “consciously creating” in my life so that every choice I make throughout the day is in alignment with that. AND TRUST ME, when I don’t take the time to do these important steps right away in the morning, it is clear my focus is elsewhere & I can easily become distracted. 


               2. “I don’t have the money for _______. I’m struggling financially.”


I know for sure when we step into doing what we are meant to do here, living what our soul is calling us to be here in the world, stepping into our life mission, abundance absolutely follows in every single area. Here’s the catch, there is a time gap between stepping into our purpose, keeping our vibration high, & abundance showing up in the physical world. Many times people allow fear to set in during that time & retreat back to their old comfort zone. I have SO been there, numerous times.  

Also, I do highly recommend having financial flow coming in as your step into your purpose, however, are you really happy with where you’re spending your money? Or are there things you can cut out of your spending habits so that you have more finances to spend on the things that truly matter to you & more time to work on your purpose/mission here? That is definitely worth taking a look at and truly examining where your money is flowing.


          3) Fear of not knowing enough, fear of people challenging us, & fear of not having enough “certifications” to be validated by others.


Here’s the truth in this, life experience will always give you more wisdom than any piece of paper you have proving a credential you earned. ALWAYS. Yes let that soak in. I know that’s a new concept for some of you. When you are living your truth, stepping fully into your mission, people will absolutely cross your path who need the wisdom/services/classes you offer. When you show up, the universe responds with a big PHAT YES! My dear, you already have everything you need to do the work your soul is calling you to do. It’s up to you to step FULLY into that power. 

AND YES, people will absolutely challenge you! And this is such a good thing! Because for one, it helps us articulate our truth even clearer & requires us to stand more fully in our power every time we are challenged. And two, if they are threatened by your power, it is ONLY because there is something within them that is being sparked and that has NOTHING to do with you. It also means you are stepping more into your full authentic power which is the strongest force that exists here. That can be very hard for people around you to accept especially when they are NOT standing in their own authenticity. You are powerful spiritual beings my friends & yes others will at times feel threatened by that. SO WHAT?! Who honestly cares what they are gossiping about or projecting onto you? (ok here’s where boundaries come in & that’s a whole other blog ;))

When you realize the impact that your message/mission/work will have on people who need what you have to offer, that is the ONLY thing that will matter. I promise. 



Shannon Sondrol