Hi there! I am so glad you are here. I'm Shannon, a Spiritual Teacher and Healer. I specialize in working with Empaths and Highly Sensitive People as well as people who are in a spiritual awakening process or have gone through a spiritual emergence. I also work with other spiritual entrepreneurs in helping to guide their work out into the world. 

After years of struggling with my own high sensitivity and an intense spiritual emergence which was initially diagnosed as a mental health crisis, I embarked on a spiritual healing journey. Along this journey, I discovered my deeply buried healing gifts, intuitive skills, reopened my clairvoyance abilities and connection to the spiritual realm. 

My mission here is to guide others on their own spiritual journey and the process of opening their connection to the spiritual realm. I am also here to assist others in working through their own inner healing by processing past pain, trauma and loss from the level of the heart and soul. I assist people in seeing the spiritual perspective of all their life experiences and challenges.

I also guide my clients to discover their "dharma", their soul mission and life purpose here. By tuning into our own internal guidance system and setting the mind and ego aside, by tapping in to heart and soul communication, our unique soul mission can be revealed.  I am so passionate about teaching others this process as this is where our best life possible lives! By stepping into your life purpose here, a life of true abundance, passion, dynamic life force, service to humanity and high vibration can be yours every single day! 

Another huge part of my mission here is to bring a spiritual perspective to mental health, understanding that so many times a mental health crisis IS a spiritual awakening, a transformative process and the opening of our connection to the spiritual realm and the other dimensions.

I am also here to guide and empower other highly sensitive, spiritually gifted people to bring their unique talents and abilities out to the world.

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I incorporate both energy healing work and spiritual coaching into the customized sessions with my clients. 

By doing energy clearing and chakra opening work at the beginning of the session, my clients are able to decompress, allow their minds to become quiet and focused and open to heart and soul communication. This also allows me to tap into their energetic field to release energetic blocks, open the chakras (the energy centers of the body) and receive intuitive messages for my clients. 

I also guide my clients through visual exercises and heart and soul healing techniques to heal and open the heart center. I customize these sessions to each individual depending on what best serves them during our time together. 

This allows our time together to be extremely productive and on point. 

I offer sessions both in person and over Zoom video call. 

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Upcoming Events

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It is time to embrace the highly sensitives of the world and empower them to bring their healing gifts forward; transitioning from a society that struggles to accept these gifts, to a society that embraces the healers as huge assets here.
— Shannon Sondrol